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23 May

Recycling Water

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1013 Views

Recycling water is very common these days. At all levels, businesses, organizations, and residences are trying to reuse water. New activities require new terminology. However, these evolving “water words” can get confusing. The Gentlemen Plumbers, like any responsible professionals, believe that an important part of a good business relationship is an educated customer.

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09 May

Using Your Phone in the Washroom

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 817 Views

If you have a smartphone, it’s statistically pretty likely that you bring it with you into the washroom...

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25 Apr

The Space Toilet

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) Toilets 412 Views

With indoor plumbing available in just about every home in Canada, we sometimes take for granted just how easy it is for us to heed nature’s call. While in space, astronauts don’t have it nearly so simple...

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28 Mar

Washroom Excellence in Valleyview

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) Bathroom 355 Views

Valleyview, Alberta, a small town of less than 2,000 people, lies at about a 3-hour drive Northwest of Edmonton. While the town may not even register on many travellers’ radars, it nonetheless is home to possibly the nicest public restroom in Alberta.

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