Toilets in a Bubble

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Toilets in a Bubble

The Ottawa Convention Centre – later renamed to the Shaw Centre – began operations in 2011. Its space-age aesthetics gave it an instant flair of originality and helped it stand out among other convention centres. But the real question is, of course: how are the washrooms?

While the interiors are certainly among the higher end of public washrooms, the location is quite unique. The restrooms are contained in a large bubble-like substructure within the convention centre. This bubble doesn’t employ normal doors, but instead opts for a curved entrance that is designed to keep noises and odours from escaping into the common areas.

The Shaw Centre also boasts a high level of environmental sustainability, including an underground rain-water cistern that helps reduce the complex’s water consumption by up to 70%.

So if you need to make a toilet stop in Ottawa, you could stop off at the Shaw Centre to get a look at that washroom bubble.