Three Effective Smelly Water Solutions

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Households that have a steady source of water from a well dug in their yard or private property are privileged and fortunate when water is not readily available. Water can get scarce and expensive. Having your own source will give you peace of mind and save you money. However, the water from your well can become smelly, an indication that it might not be clean or safe to use without sterilizing or treating it. Even if the water is sterilized before use, the smell often remains and the water tastes quite unpleasant to put it nicely.

There are several kinds of smell these well sourced waters can give off, depending on the cause. If your well is infested with bacteria, the odor of the water from it can range from the smell of rotten egg to the pungent repugnance of sewage. This kind of odor can make bathing a terrible experience. Let’s leave drinking out of the discussion and save you the nauseating feeling.

When there are organic matters decaying in your well, or when water from the drainage system gets into it, the odor will be musty, fishy or moldy. Sometimes, the water can smell like grass or soil. If your water smells like petroleum, gasoline, or turpentine, stop using it right away. A fuel tank in your neighborhood could be leaking into your source of water – the health hazard can be pretty serious if you neglect this.

There are instances when the water from your well smells like soap. When it becomes foamy as well, that means liquid is leaking from the septic tank. This can cause health issues if the water is used. Water from your well that smells like chlorine or medicine may result from the chlorine that you add to your well to treat the water. However, the smell should ideally disappear in a short time. If it stays for several days, the level of chlorine in your well could be too high, making it unsafe.

There are several safe and effective ways of eliminating the smell from your water.

  1. Have your water cleaned by professionals. This must be done regularly. In addition, when there is a flood, it is necessary to have your well and the plumbing system cleaned. Surface water can get in and sediments can stick to the insides of your pipes, causing the smell.

  2. For water that smells like rotten eggs, you can pour chlorine to treat this. After doing this, pump out the water to eliminate the smell of chlorine. Do not stop until the water coming from the well does not have odor anymore. You can also contact the rural health officer to check for septic tanks that are not functioning well near your area. The same treatment is effective for water that smells musty, moldy or fishy. You can install iron water filter to get rid of ferric substances that cause the smell.

  3. For water that smells like petroleum or gas, you must contact the health officer in the area. The source of the substance that causes the smell must be located and inspected for leakage. Once the source and type of substance is known, you can use a carbon filtration system to keep your water supply safe.

To enjoy free and safe water supply from your well, maintain it well and have it cleaned regularly to eliminate bacteria and other causes of the unpleasant odor.

Contact a professional plumbing firm today, and save your home the pollution from smelly water sources.