The Hot Water Heater’s Humble Beginnings

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The Hot Water Heater’s Humble Beginnings

Few people could imagine being without hot water on tap in their homes as there is some type of hot water heater installed in nearly every building in Canada today. Personal hygiene, cleaning, and cooking are readily notable benefits of this modern convenience.

Hot water heaters available in residential homes is a relatively newer innovation, with wide adoption beginning around the early 1900s.

An English painter by the name of Benjamin Waddy Maughan is credited with inventing the first hot water heater in 1868, a device which heated piped-in cold water then pumped it back out into a sink or tub. Maughan dubbed his machine the ‘geyser’ – a term that is still sometimes used in parts of the UK to refer to a hot water heater to this very day.

Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian engineer who emigrated to America, drew inspiration from Maughan’s geyser and developed a new invention around 1889 called an ‘automatic water heater.’ This machine was popularized and eventually adopted in many homes throughout Canada and the US. Looking at photos of Ruud’s creations, it is easy to discern similarities to the modern hot water tanks we use today.

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