Spring Home Maintenance

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In Red Deer, spring is a great season to complete many home maintenance chores. When completing spring home maintenance, keep the following season-specific chores in mind:


These issues are best resolved in the spring. If your old furnace is burning out, it's best to prepare in the off season for next winter. This is also true for air-conditioning units; spring is the perfect time to have repairs or replacements done because of the relative moderation in weather. For help with Red Deer heating repairs, you can call the Gentlemen Plumbers for fast service.


Window leakage is another issue that might be contributing to your heating problems, and it's important to fix them in the springtime, before summer heat starts to suck the cool air from your home. Check weather stripping and caulking and make any repairs as needed. Windows are essential for good heating and air-conditioning efficiency in the extreme-weather months.

Check your sump pump

Spring is the perfect time to install a battery back-up pump in case of electrical problems. This could save you thousands of dollars in potential water damage, should your sump pump fail. Red Deer plumbers can help you decide which Sump Pump backup is right for you.


Any damages or problems that you've been putting off fixing in this area should be completed during the spring time. Spring is the perfect time to go without appliances, plumbing, etc. for short amounts of time while repairs are being completed. Moreover, many damages incurred in the wintertime will need immediate repair anyway before the summer sets in. By planning ahead for a large repair season each spring, you can keep your home maintained and your budget on track.

The Gentlemen Plumbers provide efficient and quality service, and would be honored to help you with our spring home maintenance projects. We offer pricing by the job, not hour (so you can budget without surprises) as well as state-of-the-art repair technology. Get your spring to-do list done right, and give the Gentleman Plumbers a call for more information about any home maintenance job!