Finding the Right Plumbing Plunger

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There are many tools that are handy to have around the house for quick fix-its, but none more so than a plunger. Plungers really do come in all shapes and sizes, but are separated into two categories-- kitchen and bathroom. Almost all minor residential plumbing problems can be solved with a good plunger in the hand of someone who knows how to use it.

Kitchen Plungers

Kitchen plungers are flat on the bottom, and look like a ball cut in half. This is so it can form a complete seal over a sink drain. They are usually red, for identification (as an interesting side note, plumbers in Red Deer often use kitchen plungers and this suction method to flatten out body dents on cars).

Bathroom Plungers

Like kitchen plungers, bathroom plungers look like a ball cut in half. Unlike kitchen plungers however, bathroom plungers have an extension of softer rubber that extends off the bottom. This is so it can reach inside a toilet drain for a better vacuum seal. Bathroom plungers are usually black.

Both plungers work best when there is already water in the pipe. Water cannot be compressed, so it makes the force applied from the plunger that much more powerful.


Plungers handles can range anywhere from nine inches to twenty inches. The longer they are, the more force you can exert against the blocked pipe. You may not need the maximum amount of force you can give however, so use judgment and caution. 18 inches is a good all-occasions length.

If your trusty plunger isn’t doing the trick, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our plumbers in Red Deer are available at any time of day to come and lend a hand to find the solution to your residential plumbing problems.