Essential Tools for Home Plumbing

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Every home should have a few basic tools to address the everyday little fixes that need to be done. The pipes within a home will experience clogs, breaks, and other mishaps throughout the years and due to normal events. There’s no need to call for expensive by-the-hour plumbers for quick fixes you can do yourself.

The Kit

The flagship of every home plumbing kit, a good wrench is almost synonymous with plumbing. Wrenches can be used to tighten pipes together to ensure they are air tight. Red Deer plumbers prefer having two heavy wrenches: one for holding a pipe and one for tightening the connecting pipe.

Known as the plumber’s friend—and with good reason—a good sturdy plunger is a handy tool and useful solve-all for plumbing problems. Plungers are best known for clearing backed-up toilets, but can be used in many plumbing situations. The plunger seals the drain or opening and creates a vacuum that sucks the blockage back out of the way. As plumbing supplies go, this tool is pretty handy. This only works for clogs that are near the end of the pipe. For blockages that are further in, a plumber’s snake is needed.

Also known as a hand auger , a plumber’s snake can be used to clear clogs way down the pipe and is certainly one of the plumbing supplies you want to have on hand. A plumber’s snake is generally between 20 and 30 feet long, and constructed of steel cable to break down and clear debris and build up.

When That Won’t Do It

Sometimes though, a home plumbing service kit just won’t do the trick. When that happens, don’t fear. You’ve got the best of the Red Deer plumbers ready and waiting to help. With 24 hour emergency service, the Gentlemen Plumbers can have your plumbing and draining systems running again as normal in no time.