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04 Jan

Spring Home Maintenance

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1805 Views

In Red Deer, spring is a great season to complete many home maintenance chores. When completing spring home maintenance, keep the following season-specific chores in mind:

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07 Dec

Signs your Plumbing System is in Trouble

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1281 Views

A house with an inferior plumbing system is something of worry. The challenges drain your energy, patience, and pockets. Imagine bathing in lukewarm water when the winter season is at its peak, standing ankle-deep in your bathroom because the water cannot go down or walking into a flooded kitchen.

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26 Oct

The History of Mario in Brief

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 820 Views

The world’s most famous plumber is arguably Nintendo’s mascot and long-time video game hero, Mario. Whether he can actually plumb or not, however, is a topic for later...

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14 Sep

Essential Tools for Home Plumbing

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1529 Views

Every home should have a few basic tools to address the everyday little fixes that need to be done. The pipes within a home will experience clogs, breaks, and other mishaps throughout the years and due to normal events. There’s no need to call for expensive by-the-hour plumbers for quick fixes you can do yourself.

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27 Apr

Three Effective Smelly Water Solutions

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1389 Views

Households that have a steady source of water from a well dug in their yard or private property are privileged and fortunate when water is not readily available. Water can get scarce and expensive. Having your own source will give you peace of mind and save you money.

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13 Apr

Using Your Phone in the Washroom

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1434 Views

If you have a smartphone, it’s statistically pretty likely that you bring it with you into the washroom...

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16 Mar

The Gentlemen Plumbers Video Game

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1191 Views

We are driven to provide the best plumbing and heating service to our clients here at the Gentlemen Plumbers, and have been doing just that for many years. Our commitment to continually be growing and improving has led us to our newest business expansion: Video games.

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19 Jan

Ageing Plumbing

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1322 Views

If you are currently at a stage where your home may need plumbing renovations to enable you to continue ageing at home, there are reliable sources of guidance.

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05 Jan

Avoiding Plumbing Emergencies

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 941 Views

Plumbing emergencies can happen without warning, but many can be averted through simple maintenance and regular inspections. This infographic (created by Beacon Plumbing in Seattle) gives some basic ideas on what to do (and not do) in order to get the most out of your home plumbing system...

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22 Dec

Recycling Water

By Brham Trim (Red Deer) General Plumbing 1439 Views

Recycling water is very common these days. At all levels, businesses, organizations, and residences are trying to reuse water. New activities require new terminology. However, these evolving “water words” can get confusing. The Gentlemen Plumbers, like any responsible professionals, believe that an important part of a good business relationship is an educated customer.

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